Washi Decorated Chair

You know what I love so much about washi tape? Everything! But it allows you to be your own designer! It works on almost any surface and with a coat of mod podge it can be sealed. I took my Ikea kitchen chairs and put some tape on them. Now I have my own unique chairs that no one else has! All I can say is look out any clean surface in my place. Prepare to be washi-ed!






More Washi

Here are a couple more. Pretty self explanatory. The first one is a pencil holder I picked up at the drug store. The second is an iphone case. I found putting a thin layer of mod podge over the edges sealed them in. Also, on the iphone case, make sure your pattern lines up for a clean look and consistent pattern.




Washi Tape Eggs

I love the transparency of washi tape so I wanted to make a shape to hang on a window. Eggs seem appropriate this week! I taped strips of washi to some cellophane. Then with an exacto knife cut around an egg template. Put a little double-sided tape on the back and stick to a window.



Framed Washi Tape

I’m sure most crafters can agree that washi tape is the best! I love how it is slightly transparent and there are so many different designs. I chose to display it in a floating frame. It is as simple as lining the pattern up and taping the glass. I trimmed the edges with an exacto knife. You can hang it on the wall or leave near a window so light can pass through.