Paper Cards

Here is a guest post from my friend K-Money

There is nothing like getting snail mail. With the digital age in full force, the best way to really touch someone is via the Postal Service – and I don’t mean the band. There are three things you need to take into consideration before you begin your card making journey.

1) The Goods: Make sure to get pre-cut cards and envelopes. Along with that, grab a variety of supplies like washi tape, glitter, fancy colored pens, different stickers, stamps, thin designed paper to make a nice background and don’t forget the tape runner. It will change your life. Oh, and your wallet. This will cost you $50 dollars.

2) Research: If you have never made your own card before, I suggest watching a demo online or in a store. I had my first demo by a fabulous crafter named James. He taught me how to make a card pop!

3) Layers people!: When thinking about your design – imagine it finished. You will need to build your objects from the bottom up. And remember, less is sometimes more.

Here is a great source to get you started:

Not to take away from Spence’s blog or anything.

Happy Card Making!



Tissue Paper Flowers

Im sure you remember the days of making tissue paper flowers from your childhood. You can bring all that fun back! Plus now there are so many fun tissue paper designs. I used these as part of the centerpieces at my Mom’s party. I also sprinkled some paper cut out dots around to add more color. You can find instructions here.



Birthday Banner

It has been quite awhile but I’m back! This weekend we had a birthday party for my Mom and I made her this birthday banner. Pretty simple- I took a 6×6 inch craft paper pad and snipped a v shape off the bottom. I found glitter adhesive letters in the craft store to attach. Lastly punched 2 hopes in the corners to string bakers twine through. Hung with command strips and look what I have!