Glass Jar Terrarium

Here is another terrarium. For this one I took a glass storage jar and use the same process. Rock in the bottom, layer of soil to plant the plant and decorate with some aquarium stones. Most of the tools needed can be found at Ikea. And of course, the token owl standing guard:)



Fish Bowl Terrarium

Terrariums are so easy to do and such a great form or garden expression. They are so mini and cute how can anyone resist! Steps include a layer of stones at the bottom, next layer soil. Then plant your mini ferns. Decorate the top layer with moss or aquarium rocks. I added a little glass owl to watch over the garden:)



Framed Pressed Flowers

Spring is almost here but you can enjoy flowers all year round! I have always enjoyed pressing flowers – between wax paper and then insert in a heavy book. What to do when they are all pressed? Put in a floating frame. I got this one at West Elm for about $7. Another inexpensive DIY from SnapDeco!




Terrariums are all the rage…at least with me. This is a quasi terrarium. I bought al parts at Ikea- tank $20, succulents $3 ea and pots were 59 cents each! Grand total…about 30 bucks! I added my little glass owl as an accent. I’ll be posting a real planted terrarium in the near future!