Peppermint Candle

This Peppermint Candle is as easy as it looks. Just glue the candies around your favorite candle. Do multiple rows if you would like. I recommend glueing on a piece or cardboard or a surface you don’t mind getting glue on. Let it dry completely before moving.




DIY Peppermint Wreath

I have been focused on jewelry the past 6 month but felt like a DIY DIVersion! The holidays provide so many ops to DIY!

I love peppermints and like to decorate with white and red. Using the tools below (and a ribbon hanger of your choice) I was able to make this cute wreath.

The basis for this project is a little cardboard box I found at Walgreens. It is sturdy enough hold all the candy. Basically, glue the peppermints to the inside of the lid. You can use any type of glue. Drawing the circle in the middle is optional-I realized I didn’t need it after all. When you are done with the candy, cut out a circle and write a holiday note, leave blank with the green center or take a silly holiday card and glue to the center! Lastly, secure a ribbon to the back. I recommend epoxy as the candies carry some weight.

Hang and enjoy!



Fall Deco

For this one, I took Halloween candy and used it as a vase filler. The gourd adds a nice touch too. The best is, this can be used for Thanksgiving too.

Use your creativity: tall vases, votives, add branches to give it height, votive holders or take your fave bar glass and turn it into an elegant candy dish.

Have fun!




Repurpose a File Tray

I found this mesh file tray for $5 at my local Walgreens. I found it was great to hang earring on it and also found a use for it to hold jars if I hung it on the wall. Also, using tiny hair clips, you can hang necklaces too!