Happy Holidays from SnapDeco

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

This is a Christmas wreath made from felt cut outs that I pinned to a foam wreath. Enjoy!



Holiday Wine Charms

Sooo easy. I took some extra earring hooks I have and attached a mini Christmas ball. Use an assortment if colors for a party!



Framed Pinecones

So to finalize Pinecone Week, I would like to post my personal fave, the Framed Pinecones. I found this frame in my parents basement and it just had the right color coordination for my gold pinecones. I tied a satin ribbon to the base of the pinecone then secured it to the frame with a flat thumb tack. Better yet give it a festive background with craft paper or fabric. Viola!



Pinecone Clips

I’m on a roll for pinecone week. They just keep getting better, right? Today I made Pinecone clips out of hair clips. Really simple. Hot glue the pinecone to the hair clip and you are done! One tip – right after gluing the pinecone to the clip, keep it open until it drys or clip it to cardboard.

Clip away! I added these to a metal tree I have hanging from the wall. Tune in tomorrow for the grand finale!




Mini Pinecone Trees

I saw this one on Pinterest and thought it was so neat. One more DIY craft you can do with pinecones! All week I will be using the gold pinecones I found at Walgreens. I found mini terra-cotta pots at the dollar store and painted them holiday colors. When dry, place the Pinecones on the pot and you are done. Make them part or a tablescape or just scatter them around the house for their cuteness factor.



Pinecone Garland

Here’s an idea. Take decorative pinecones and some bakers twine and string up some garland! I, again, like the simplicity of the twine. I appears as though the pinecones are floating. For a more dramatic look, use a silky ribbon. These can also be hung vertically.

Shown in the first picture, I hung from command strips on my coffee table. On the patio door, I hung from some suction cups.



DIY Pinecone Swag

Swag!!! Check out this Pinecone Swag. Simply fetch some pieces of pine tree (i used two varieties) and tie together with some bakers twine. Hot glue some festive pinecones, or again, borrow from nature. I found these gold ones at Walgreens! I added a little Hope ornament and casually hung it on the pinecones. When complete, hang and admire!

Feel free to use a nice ribbon and add a statement bow. I prefer the simplicity of mine:). Enjoy!



Peppermint Candle

This Peppermint Candle is as easy as it looks. Just glue the candies around your favorite candle. Do multiple rows if you would like. I recommend glueing on a piece or cardboard or a surface you don’t mind getting glue on. Let it dry completely before moving.



DIY Peppermint Wreath

I have been focused on jewelry the past 6 month but felt like a DIY DIVersion! The holidays provide so many ops to DIY!

I love peppermints and like to decorate with white and red. Using the tools below (and a ribbon hanger of your choice) I was able to make this cute wreath.

The basis for this project is a little cardboard box I found at Walgreens. It is sturdy enough hold all the candy. Basically, glue the peppermints to the inside of the lid. You can use any type of glue. Drawing the circle in the middle is optional-I realized I didn’t need it after all. When you are done with the candy, cut out a circle and write a holiday note, leave blank with the green center or take a silly holiday card and glue to the center! Lastly, secure a ribbon to the back. I recommend epoxy as the candies carry some weight.

Hang and enjoy!