Repurpose a File Tray

I found this mesh file tray for $5 at my local Walgreens. I found it was great to hang earring on it and also found a use for it to hold jars if I hung it on the wall. Also, using tiny hair clips, you can hang necklaces too!



Duct Tape Bracelet

In honor of my nieces birthday today I am letting her do a guest post. She whipped (and I mean whipped) up this duct tape bracelet for me. It is very simple.

You fold a rectangular piece for the band. Add little velcro dots for a clasp. For the flower, cut a rectangular swatch of tape, fold the edge over leaving stickiness at the bottom. Then tape the petals together until you have your desired flower shape.

Happy Birthday Sophie!




Nail polish Rack

I have been watching my nail polish collection grow and take up valuable night stand space for too long now. So what is the solution? No it is not paying top dollar for a nail salon rack but finding an inexpensive spice rack! I found this black scroll spice rack on Amazon for $15 and there I go! With the help of my installer/boyfriend, I have more space on my nightstand and a snapshot of my nail polish collection!