Paper Flower Wreath

I know you have seen these tissue paper flowers before. I had them on the tables at my Mom’s party. As pretty as they are, they took up too much space at home on a table and really weren’t well displayed. So I pinned them to a foam wreath and there you go! Definitely an indoor wreath and so sweet!



Necklace Organizer

Here is another necklace organizing idea. This is for bulkier, beaded necklaces. I took a piece of scrap wood and painted it my color of choice. Then I took little hooks and screwed them in the under part of the wood and on the surface. They also sell closed hooks you can add to the top so you can nail it to the wall. Now your necklaces can be on display! This is similar to a key hook, which would work as well.



Flip Flop Wreath

Today I have my Aunt Joanne doing a guest post! She is such a crafty lady! As almost all of my posts, this one is inexpensive!
She bought flip flops at Five Below, used Gorilla glue to hold them together and added an optional wooden Welcome sign! If you get unfinished wood, you can paint it your color of choice. Also the ribbon for the bow was bought at a craft store. Lastly, add a hanger on the back using some florist wire. Enjoy!



Glass Jar Terrarium

Here is another terrarium. For this one I took a glass storage jar and use the same process. Rock in the bottom, layer of soil to plant the plant and decorate with some aquarium stones. Most of the tools needed can be found at Ikea. And of course, the token owl standing guard:)


Fish Bowl Terrarium

Terrariums are so easy to do and such a great form or garden expression. They are so mini and cute how can anyone resist! Steps include a layer of stones at the bottom, next layer soil. Then plant your mini ferns. Decorate the top layer with moss or aquarium rocks. I added a little glass owl to watch over the garden:)



More Washi

Here are a couple more. Pretty self explanatory. The first one is a pencil holder I picked up at the drug store. The second is an iphone case. I found putting a thin layer of mod podge over the edges sealed them in. Also, on the iphone case, make sure your pattern lines up for a clean look and consistent pattern.