Shamrock Tee

Happy Almost St. Patty’s Day. Enjoy the step by step Shamrock Tee post.

Tools: green tee, fabric for insert, heart stencil, green yarn, green thread, no fray, scissors.

Step 1: use heart shape to make shamrock. Trace on tee. Try using a fabric pencil. I used sharpee and it bleed on the tee. Place insert fabric face up on the inside of the tee. Pin points of shamrock.

Step 2: tie a knot in a piece of yarn and place on first point. Sew down knot on point. Trim the tail. Continue to use this couching technique where you sew on top of the yarn to make a border.


Step 3: continue couching around perimeter of design. Specify the points to keep the shape. End stitches with another knot like you did on the first stitch.


Press and wear!


This should be the first pic but I cant get it in the right place.



Framed Shamrock

Again St Patty’s day can be a hard holiday to craft for. But I recently this really neat artisan paper by Jolee Boutique. It is a textured paper with an adhesive on the back. So I took a heart shaped template and cut out 3 hearts and a stem. I found a green floating frame for $7. I stuck the adhesive paper to the inside pane of glass and thats it! You have yourself a framed shamrock! Paper and frame purchased at Target- total cost $10.



St. Patty’s Day Lights

Almost St. Patty’s Day. There are few decorating ideas I have come up with for this holiday but here is one. I found shamrock lights at Target for $3 per string and put them in a hurricane vase. Voila! There are 3 strings of lights. I flanked with some green tapers for added color. Enjoy! I will be posting a pic taken in daylight later today.

Slightly better pic



Branch Decor – Last Day!

So here are the completed branches…unless I find something else to hang on there! My last touch are these tiny ceramic owls I found at a quilt show. They had holes running through them so I strung them up on some bakers twine. Here is the result of my week long Post with some close ups as well. I hope you have some ideas to DIY!





Branch Decor – Day 1

Ok so this will be a week long post showing different ideas for branch decor. I am sure you have seen tons of lighted branches in stores. They can get pricey! So why not DIY!
I collected branches and decorated them myself.
Day 1 – take tall glass vas and fill with vase filler of your choice. (For a base, I put these on a tray and put the tray on a stool) Arrange branches. You can stop there or wrap some lights around it. Stay tuned for day 2…