Shamrock Tee

Happy Almost St. Patty’s Day. Enjoy the step by step Shamrock Tee post.

Tools: green tee, fabric for insert, heart stencil, green yarn, green thread, no fray, scissors.

Step 1: use heart shape to make shamrock. Trace on tee. Try using a fabric pencil. I used sharpee and it bleed on the tee. Place insert fabric face up on the inside of the tee. Pin points of shamrock.

Step 2: tie a knot in a piece of yarn and place on first point. Sew down knot on point. Trim the tail. Continue to use this couching technique where you sew on top of the yarn to make a border.


Step 3: continue couching around perimeter of design. Specify the points to keep the shape. End stitches with another knot like you did on the first stitch.


Press and wear!


This should be the first pic but I cant get it in the right place.



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