Branch Decor – Day 1

Ok so this will be a week long post showing different ideas for branch decor. I am sure you have seen tons of lighted branches in stores. They can get pricey! So why not DIY!
I collected branches and decorated them myself.
Day 1 – take tall glass vas and fill with vase filler of your choice. (For a base, I put these on a tray and put the tray on a stool) Arrange branches. You can stop there or wrap some lights around it. Stay tuned for day 2…



One thought on “Branch Decor – Day 1

  1. Think i like the lights better with your branch that the one with the red washi tape decoration on it from day 2! And why didn’t you got a branche with some flowers? Fits the spring season maybe a little bit better 🙂 How many days are you going to do this? Like the idea and looking forward to see what you are comming up with! And if you need some inspiration.. i just posted a blog about blossom branches and big glass vases: X

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