Easter Candy Centerpiece

Happy Easter! I took a bunch of Easter candy and decorated a vase with it. I put a small glass in th center and wrapped a piece of thin cardboard around it to hold the candy up. Then found an olive jar and used that as the vase. Enjoy!




Cobochon Tacks on a Cork Board

For this project, I bought cork board tiles from an office supply store and covered it with fabric. I glued the cobochon flowers to thumb tacks and pinned to the board. Makes a neat little decoration! You can frame it for another effect or put it on a plate stand. The tiles come is a pack of 4 so go ahed and do a couple more and arrange on you wall.




Washi Tape Eggs

I love the transparency of washi tape so I wanted to make a shape to hang on a window. Eggs seem appropriate this week! I taped strips of washi to some cellophane. Then with an exacto knife cut around an egg template. Put a little double-sided tape on the back and stick to a window.



Framed Washi Tape

I’m sure most crafters can agree that washi tape is the best! I love how it is slightly transparent and there are so many different designs. I chose to display it in a floating frame. It is as simple as lining the pattern up and taping the glass. I trimmed the edges with an exacto knife. You can hang it on the wall or leave near a window so light can pass through.



Flower Cobochon Earrings

These are flower studs made with flower cobochons. You my have seen these all over Etsy for sale but you can DIY! It is as simple as buying the supplies ( on Etsy). You can buy studs, glue and cobochons of your choice. Enjoy!



Necklace Organizer

I have so many little necklaces I needed a way to organize and display them. I found this mini framed bulletin board at Marshall’s. It is supposed to be for photos but I easily transformed it into a necklace holder. It is convenient to access necklaces and also makes some nice wall art! If you can’t find this at Marshals, you can use any pretty bulletin board and buy some nice pins to hang the necklaces from.


Beaded Necklace

I had some extra beads around and decided to design a necklace. I bought the base chain, small beads and pins at Michaels. For the main stone, I wrapped Some silver wire around it then made a loop to attach to the chain. There really are no specific instructions for this, but it is a cost efficient way to make a custom piece of jewelry!



Knitted Cufflink

Here is a Knitted Cufflink by Helen Bingham Designs. You need 15 yards of Bashful Fibers Fingering Cashmere Blend and size 6 seed beads by Bead Biz. Also a clasp of your choice, I chose magnetic, and size 2 needles.
With the beads and yarn you can make 7 bracelets all for about $25!